Black Kitchen Cabinets

There remains a saying that “black goes with everything” including kitchen cabinets. With kitchen cabinets consuming over seventy-five percent (75%) of visible kitchen surfaces, selecting black kitchen cabinets for a kitchen is a bold statement setting futuristic trends. Typically, black kitchen cabinets are not the most commonly selected color for kitchen cabinets however used in conjunction with offsetting subtle wall color tones black kitchen cabinets presents opportunities that remain unlimited. With a creative connotation and expressed imagination, the use of black kitchen cabinets often sets precedence’s with implied innovative trends.

Innovative Trends

Daring to go above and beyond the “norm”, setting innovative futuristic trends is what distinguishes one individual from another. While the use of black kitchen cabinets often raises unsuspecting eyebrows with inquisitive looks, black kitchen cabinets is becoming widely accepted with stunning results. Used in conjunction with affordable stainless steel appliances, black kitchen cabinets represent a contemporary look of indifference to the “norm” with a modern, bold look. Used sparingly or abruptly, black kitchen cabinets with gray countertops add depth to any kitchen accenting focal points with modern visual appearance.

Effective Uses of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets work very well with the open floor plans found in new home construction. Open floor plans are usually designed with a high tech or contemporary style appearance with high loft ceilings and an abundance of radiant natural lighting. An effective use of black kitchen cabinets creates dramatic effects while implying a specific statement. Working well in contrast to other elements, black kitchen cabinets are both appealing with a mysterious sense of ambiance and elegance. Used sparingly and placed in accordance with existing cabinetry, a few well-placed black kitchen cabinets highlights and centers focal points on specific areas of the kitchen. Due to the subdued dark color, black kitchen cabinets are not recommended for small kitchens with limited natural lighting.

Associated Costs of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Often cheaper than other hardwood cabinets due to the non crucial overall finish, black kitchen cabinets are beginning to receive additional attention, due to recent changes in trend setting innovations and contemporary styling. Although not a common color selected for kitchen cabinetry, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, dealers and distributors have increased the number of stock black kitchen cabinets due to increasing consumer interest and demand. Futuristic in styling and appearance, black kitchen cabinets used appropriately flow naturally from the kitchen to complement any interior décor.

Availability of Black Kitchen Cabinets

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