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York Ave Pantry Cabinet

York Ave Pantry Cabinets

  • UV Water Based Finish
  • Amber Stain with Chocolate Glaze
  • Birch Wood Species
  • Full Overlay Solid Wood Door with Solid Raised Insert Panel and Decorative Applied Molding
  • Concealed 6 Way Adjustable Hinge
  • CARB II Certified All Plywood Box
  • Butt Doors on 24”-36” Wide Cabinets
  • Inside and Side Panels Finished to Match Front
  • Cam Lock Assembly

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Quantity Product Name Model Price
York Ave Pantry (basic) 18"W x 84"H WP1884-SAV $487.50
York Ave Pantry (basic) 18"W x 90"H WP1890-SAV $524.12
York Ave Pantry (basic) 18"W x 96"H WP1896-SAV $560.33
York Ave Pantry (basic) 24"W x 84"H WP2484-SAV $610.90
York Ave Pantry (basic) 24"W x 90"H WP2490-SAV $657.14
York Ave Pantry (basic) 24"W x 96"H WP2496-SAV $703.34
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