Natural Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Natural Shaker is a fun and unique addition to our RTA cabinet collections. With clean and simple lines, these cabinets are the true essence of the Shaker style of cabinetry. The light hue brightens dark spaces and makes small rooms seem bigger. Whether you are going for sleek modernism or a laid-back country vibe, these cabinets are the perfect backdrop.

This was considerably easier... I loved them.Andrew G.

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  • Door Style: Shaker
  • Wood Species: Maple
  • Overlay: Full Overlay
  • Stain Color: Natural
  • Box Sides: 1/2” plywood construction sides, tops and bottom for lasting durability and strength
  • Drawer Boxes: Dovetailed with undermount full extension soft close drawer glides
  • Finish: Completely stained, baked, and finished inside and out
  • Hardware: 6-way adjustable concealed hinges and self soft close doors
  • Shelves: 5/8” plywood shelves
  • Wood: Plywood sides, solid wood doors, drawer fronts and face-frames
  • Assembly: Cam Lock
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Sample Door

Natural Shaker Sample Door Model #Natural Shaker Sample

Keep the sample door, or return it for a refund of $20.00

$20.00 x

Natural Shaker Single Door Wall Cabinets

Natural Shaker Double Door Wall Cabinets

$147.14 x
$160.51 x
$138.22 x
$178.35 x
$177.16 x
$189.50 x
$193.21 x
$196.93 x
$97.35 x
$104.04 x
$148.62 x
$164.97 x
$180.58 x
$162.75 x
$185.04 x
$206.59 x
$104.79 x
$108.50 x
$118.90 x
$138.22 x
$169.43 x
$191.73 x
$214.02 x
$118.90 x
$138.22 x
$175.38 x
$199.91 x
$215.51 x
$114.44 x
$133.76 x
$141.11 x
$161.26 x
$189.50 x
$208.82 x
$228.88 x

Natural Shaker Single Door Base Cabinets

Natural Shaker Double Door Base Cabinets

Natural Shaker Three Drawer Base Cabinets

Natural Shaker Sink Base Cabinets

$245.23 x
$183.56 x
$193.21 x
$197.67 x
$238.55 x

Natural Shaker Horizontal RTA Wall Cabinets

Natural Shaker Other Base Cabinets

Natural Shaker Other Wall Cabinets

$193.96 x
$216.25 x
$222.94 x
$100.33 x
$100.33 x
$114.44 x
$114.44 x
$127.82 x
$127.82 x
$133.76 x
$133.76 x
$118.16 x
$149.14 x
$149.14 x
$124.84 x
$166.46 x
$166.46 x
$141.19 x
$104.79 x
$144.91 x
$121.87 x
$154.57 x
$133.02 x
$160.51 x
$160.51 x
$173.89 x
$197.67 x
$197.67 x
$193.21 x
$225.17 x
$225.17 x
$211.80 x

Natural Shaker End Panels

Natural Shaker Pantry Cabinets

$383.45 x
$412.44 x
$441.42 x
$470.40 x
$494.18 x
$517.22 x

Natural Shaker Oven Cabinets

$487.49 x
$523.16 x
$508.30 x
$526.13 x
$543.23 x

Natural Shaker Accessories

$46.82 x
$54.25 x
$80.26 x
$100.76 x
$100.76 x
$42.36 x
$78.03 x
$66.88 x
$40.13 x
$41.61 x
$36.42 x
$18.58 x
$26.75 x
$39.39 x
$28.99 x
$75.80 x
$44.59 x
$28.99 x
$36.42 x
$43.10 x
$69.12 x
$59.45 x

Natural Shaker RTA Open Face Doors

$33.45 x
$36.42 x
$40.13 x
$38.64 x
$41.61 x
$44.59 x
$47.56 x
$49.05 x
$51.28 x
$51.28 x
$53.50 x
$54.99 x
$74.31 x
$78.03 x
$81.74 x
$85.46 x
$88.44 x
$91.41 x
$92.15 x
$90.50 x
$91.27 x
$99.58 x
$101.81 x
$97.35 x
$98.84 x
$99.58 x
$67.63 x
$56.48 x
$62.42 x
$59.82 x
$69.12 x
$70.60 x

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #WB15DB
$69.04 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #WB18DB
$71.96 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$79.66 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$82.64 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


The Natural Shaker series embraces the neat, uncluttered minimalism of the Shaker style of cabinetry. The simplicity of the lines and the natural wood color create a cabinet set that doesn’t dominate the room, but instead creates an attractive backdrop for a variety of personal styles.

You can keep the look ultra-modern by using unconventional colors and choosing accent pieces with the clean, straight lines of the cabinetry, such as geometric lighting fixtures and square dishware. The natural wood hue is also appropriate for a more country feel. To recreate a cozy cottage ambiance, use white as your primary color and pick a few rounded accent pieces, like gracefully curving faucets and fixtures, to soften the ambiance.

One great opportunity that comes with this series of cabinets is the ability to use a bright, bold color palette that would clash with many other cabinetry styles. Because the style is so basic and the wood tone is subtle enough not to overpower, you can use this opportunity to create another, less traditional focal point for the room. Consider these fun design ideas:

• Take some design risks when deciding on wall treatments. Paint the walls a funky, unexpected color like lime green or vivid blue. Use interesting tiles to create an attractive backsplash or arrange them in a mosaic design to create a visual centerpiece for the room.
• Stainless steel appliances are sleek and they coordinate nicely with the simple lines of the cabinetry, but you might consider getting your appliances in an eye-catching color, such as a bright red refrigerator. If colorful appliances are a bit too flashy for your tastes, consider adding just a splash of color with a smaller countertop appliance, like the KitchenAid mixer which seems to be available in every color of the rainbow.
• If you have the space, an island is a nice visual touch, with the added benefit of extra storage and counter space. Choose one topped with stainless steel for the contemporary, industrial look. Or, achieve that country farmhouse mood with a butcher block top and distressed legs. We also carry a stunning selection of kitchen islands which complement this cabinetry set perfectly.
• No matter what design direction you decide to go, you’ll want to keep the comfortable and inviting feeling of a kitchen. A wood floor stained a few shades darker than the cabinets will add warmth to the room.

The Natural Shaker cabinet collection boasts quality materials and craftsmanship. For maximum durability, no particle board of any kind is used in the construction. The doors, drawer fronts and frames are constructed of solid maple with plywood shelves, sides, tops and bottoms. For added convenience, the dovetailed drawers come equipped with undermount, full extension, soft close gliders. All the cabinets are completely stained, baked and finished inside and out to create the gorgeous natural hue.

This unique and superbly constructed cabinet line is the perfect foil for a number of interior design styles. By taking advantage of the simple beauty of Shaker style cabinetry, the Natural Shaker series allows you to take risks and use eye-catching color for a design scheme that is all your own.

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