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Espresso Shaker Other Wall Cabinet

Espresso Shaker Other Wall Cabinets

  • Solid Hardwood Face Frames
  • Solid Core MDF Doors to prevent shrinking and cracking
  • Cabinet boxes are 15/32" plywood with two sides wood veneered
  • Cabinet box Interior and shelves are veneered natural maple
  • 5/8" plywood shelves with two sides wood veneered edge-banding for front side.
  • Clear plastic shelf clip
  • No Particle Board is used in their construction
  • Two-way hinge
Quantity Product Name Model Price
Espresso Shaker 30" x 15" Lattice Wine Rack LWR3015-ES $133.06
Espresso Shaker 27" x 30" Blind Corner Wall Cabinet WBC2730-ES $176.17
Espresso Shaker 27" x 36" Blind Corner Wall Cabinet WBC2736-ES $203.79
Espresso Shaker 27" x 42" Blind Corner Wall Cabinet WBC2742-ES $240.57
Espresso Shaker 24" x 30" Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet WDC2430-ES $228.26
Espresso Shaker 24" x 36" Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet WDC2436-ES $238.48
Espresso Shaker 24" x 42" Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet WDC2442-ES $278.60
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