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Colonial Shaker Three Drawer Base Cabinet

Colonial Shaker Three Drawer Base Cabinets

  • Wood Species: Solid Maple/Birch
  • Face Frame: Solid Wood
  • Door Style: Shaker Style - Engineered HDF Construction
  • Box Construction: 1/2" Solid Plywood
  • Drawer Glide: Undermount Soft Close
  • Drawer Box: 3/4" Solid Wood Dovetail
  • Shelves: 3/4" Adjustable
  • Hinge: Soft Close 6 Way Adjustable European Concealed Hinge
  • Overlay: Full
  • Cabinet Interior Matches Exterior
  • Natural Drawer Interior
Quantity Product Name Model Price
Colonial Shaker 12" Three Drawer Base PS-DB12 $278.05
Colonial Shaker 15" Three Drawer Base PS-DB15 $289.06
Colonial Shaker 18" Three Drawer Base PS-DB18 $296.73
Colonial Shaker 21" Three Drawer Base PS-DB21 $319.98
Colonial Shaker 24" Three Drawer Base PS-DB24 $341.56
Colonial Shaker 30" Three Drawer Base PS-DB30 $402.21
Colonial Shaker 36" Three Drawer Base PS-DB36 $459.61
Colonial Shaker 36" Corner Three Drawer Base

requires a 3" filler if putting next to appliance to allow drawers to open properly

PS-CDB36 $396.98
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