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Berwyn Pantry Cabinet

Berwyn Pantry Cabinets

  • Solid Wood Door and Faceframe
  • Solid 1/2" PRE-FINISHED plywood box
  • Reinforced back panel
  • Natural Maple interior
  • Quiet Motion Soft Close Hinges
  • 3/4" solid plywood shelves with NEW dead-lock clip technology
  • Hand Applied rich dark chocolate glaze
  • Full Overlay doors
  • Cam Lock Assembly
Quantity Product Name Model Price
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 15"W x 96"H WP1596-GEN $910.57
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 18"W x 96"H WP1896-GEN $939.83
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 15"W x 90"H WP1590-GEN $840.74
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 18"W x 90"H WP1890-GEN $870.94
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 15"W x 84"H WP1584-GEN $761.48
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 18"W x 84"H WP1884-GEN $811.49
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 24"W x 96"H WP2496-GEN $1287.07
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 24"W x 90"H WP2490-GEN $1237.06
Berwyn Pantry (basic) 24"W x 84"H WP2484-GEN $1187.98
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