Bordeaux Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Bordeaux Shaker line offers a rich cherry stain to give a very classy look to the line. It comes standard with dovetailed drawers and undermount full extension soft close drawer glides. This feature provides a nice smooth close when the drawer is closed. The Bordeaux also comes with 6 way adjustable soft close hinges. With the full overlay shaker style doors and rich stain color the Bordeaux is timeless and elegant.

Our recent order for the Bordeaux Shaker cabinets turned out spectacular. Our kitchen looks great! George Y.

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  • Door Style: Shaker
  • Wood Species: Maple
  • Overlay: Full Overlay
  • Stain Color: Dark Cherry (Bordeaux Shaker)
  • Box Sides: 1/2” plywood construction sides, tops and bottom for lasting durability and strength
  • Drawers: 1/2” plywood dovetail drawer boxes with full extension Soft-Close Under mount Glide System
  • Finish: Completely stained, baked, and finished inside and out
  • Hardware: 6-way adjustable concealed hinges and self soft close doors
  • Shelves: 5/8" plywood shelves
  • Wood: Plywood sides, solid wood doors, drawer fronts and face-frames
  • Assembly: Cam Lock
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Sample Door

Bordeaux Shaker Sample Door Model #Bordeaux Shaker Sample Door

Keep the sample door, or return it for a refund of $20.00

$20.00 x

Bordeaux Shaker Single Door Wall RTA Cabinets

Bordeaux Shaker Double Door Wall RTA Cabinets

$147.14 x
$160.51 x
$138.22 x
$178.35 x
$177.16 x
$189.50 x
$193.21 x
$196.93 x
$102.55 x
$97.35 x
$104.04 x
$148.62 x
$164.97 x
$180.58 x
$162.75 x
$185.04 x
$206.59 x
$104.79 x
$108.50 x
$118.90 x
$138.22 x
$169.43 x
$191.73 x
$214.02 x
$118.90 x
$138.22 x
$175.38 x
$199.91 x
$215.51 x
$114.44 x
$133.76 x
$141.11 x
$161.26 x
$189.50 x
$208.82 x
$228.88 x
$252.66 x

Bordeaux Shaker Single Door Base RTA Cabinets

Bordeaux Shaker Double Door Base RTA Cabinets

Bordeaux Shaker Drawer Base RTA Cabinets

Bordeaux Shaker Sink Base RTA Cabinets

$245.23 x
$183.56 x
$193.21 x
$197.67 x
$238.55 x

Bordeaux Shaker Horizontal RTA Wall Cabinets

Other Bordeaux Shaker Wall RTA Cabinets

$193.96 x
$216.25 x
$222.94 x
$100.33 x
$100.33 x
$114.44 x
$114.44 x
$127.82 x
$127.82 x
$118.16 x
$133.76 x
$133.76 x
$124.84 x
$152.35 x
$152.35 x
$141.19 x
$166.46 x
$166.46 x
$144.91 x
$104.79 x
$121.87 x
$154.57 x
$133.02 x
$160.51 x
$160.51 x
$173.89 x
$197.67 x
$197.67 x
$193.21 x
$225.17 x
$225.17 x
$211.80 x

Other Bordeaux Shaker Base RTA Cabinets

Bordeaux Shaker RTA Pantries

$383.45 x
$412.44 x
$441.42 x
$470.40 x
$494.18 x
$517.22 x
$513.50 x
$538.77 x
$564.77 x

Bordeaux Shaker RTA Oven Units

$487.49 x
$505.32 x
$523.16 x
$508.30 x
$526.13 x
$543.23 x

Bordeaux Shaker RTA End Panels

Bordeaux Shaker RTA Accessories

$28.99 x
$26.75 x
$42.36 x
$44.59 x
$78.03 x
$39.39 x
$75.80 x
$28.99 x
$36.42 x
$43.10 x
$69.12 x
$59.45 x
$40.13 x
$31.36 x
$36.42 x
$66.88 x
$18.58 x
$46.82 x
$54.25 x
$80.26 x

Bordeaux Shaker RTA Open Face Doors

$33.45 x
$36.42 x
$40.13 x
$38.64 x
$41.61 x
$44.59 x
$47.56 x
$49.05 x
$51.28 x
$51.28 x
$53.50 x
$54.99 x
$74.31 x
$78.03 x
$81.74 x
$85.46 x
$88.44 x
$91.41 x
$92.15 x
$87.69 x
$99.58 x
$98.84 x
$99.58 x
$87.69 x
$101.81 x
$56.48 x
$62.42 x
$67.63 x
$69.12 x
$70.60 x

Glideware Cabinet Organizers

Single Glideware Model #GW01
$175.95 x
Double Glideware Model #GW02
$315.97 x
Pantry Glideware Model #GWPANTRY
$164.97 x
Extra Glideware Hooks Model #GWHOOK
$7.99 x

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #WB15DB
$69.04 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #WB18DB
$71.96 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$79.66 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$82.64 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


Elegance and richness meet straight, clean lines in the Bordeaux Shaker Collection, and the result is stunning. The deep Cherry stain is striking, and it can grace a formal traditional kitchen, a European or Old World style kitchen or add depth and warmth to a more modern or contemporary kitchen. While we wouldn’t necessarily use it in a country kitchen, elements of farmhouse design can be worked in quite nicely.

The Bordeaux Shaker Collection offers a subtle elegance that can handle larger kitchens, particularly combined kitchen and great rooms. The rich finish helps ground the room, and gives the eye a place to rest, a focal point. The Bordeaux Shaker Collection looks spectacular and luxurious with stainless steel appliances, while black appliances will add drama. Granite countertops in darker tones will add a formality to the mix, while the lighter tones can add contrast and a hint of informality.

Design tips that mesh well with the Bordeaux Shaker Collection are:

• Add a kitchen island with a butcher block top to add a touch of a farmhouse family gathering space to the kitchen.
• Architectural details in the kitchen play off the straight lines of the Bordeaux Shaker Collection, such as corbels and crown molding.
• Add an unexpected piece of upholstered furniture to create a comfortable seating area. A handsome pair of armchairs in a sturdy, patterned fabric can take the place of wood kitchen chairs for an elegant look.
• Upgrade an upper cabinet to mullion doors - doors with glass - and add an accent light to the interior to show off glassware or dishes. The looks givens an instant professionally designed look to the area.
• Make sure you play up the quality of this cabinetry with proper lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting all layer together to create a professionally design.
• Consider a wine rack as an accessory - of course it fits right in with the Bordeaux finish!
• If you’re tight on space in the kitchen, make sure you have enough cabinets to properly store everything. The best way to make a kitchen look spacious is to keep the countertops clear, so consider cabinet accessories such as a lazy susan or an end bookshelf for wall cabinets to maximize storage space.

The Bordeaux Shaker Collection boasts a look of antique, hand hewn Cherry wood. It is constructed of solid wood, featuring solid maple doors with 1/2” plywood construction for the sides, top and bottom for lasting durability and strength. The cabinets are completely stained, baked, and finished inside and out with six-way adjustable, concealed hinges. The full extension soft-close under-mount drawer glides allow you to fully utilize all drawer space. The drawer boxes themselves are 1/2” plywood and dovetailed. There is no particle board used in these quality kitchen cabinets.

The Bordeaux Shaker Collection adds a subtle elegance to your kitchen design. With its quality construction and stylish good looks, it’s sure to grace your home for years to come.

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