Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

The easiest way to update your cabinetry or ensure that they are inline with your entire design vision is to change out the hardware. They may seem like an insignificant detail in the overall scheme of things, but they can have a huge impact on the overall interior design plan. Our extensive line of knobs, pulls, and hardware includes options for all types of personal tastes and you are sure to find an option that beautifully complements cabinetry in a variety of wood tones and styles.


Knobs and pulls are the simplest way to express your personal style. Just because your cabinets or furniture came with a hardware set doesn’t mean you have to use it. In fact, if you’re on the fence about a particular cabinet set, consider what it will look like without the existing hardware and you might realize there are a number of options that better reflect the look you are picturing in your head. No matter what look you are going for, we have you covered with our extensive product line of knobs and pulls.

Here are some design ideas to keep in mind when selecting pulls, knobs and hardware for your cabinetry:

• To really make your cabinets pop, look for hardware in bold colors, shapes, patterns and materials that will really draw attention to your cabinetry. Examples in our inventory include the Art Deco Bail knob and the Zinc Die Cast Diamond knob.
• If you have ornate cabinets that really speak for themselves, consider less decorative hardware in simple shapes and classic materials such as wood or metal. A gleaming, polished basic knob can be a great foil for the other intricate detail work on your cabinets.
• Black metal knobs and pulls slide easily into both very formal and country, rustic design schemes. They match great with wrought iron light fixtures and accessories.
• Consider an unfinished, wood knob to create a look that is really all your own. Stain it in a matching or even a contrasting wood tone or paint it an unexpected color for an eye-catching look.
• For a really funky and eclectic look, consider using mismatched hardware. The trick is to put a little thought into the design scheme and not just choose anything. The pieces should somewhat coordinate, but not be an exact match. For example, you might choose different patterns in the same metal and shape. Our extensive selection of round knobs includes braided, Lafayette, scrolled and Celtic knobs that can be combined for a unique and unexpected look.

All RTA Cabinet Store products, right down to our hardware and accessories lines, are built to the highest standards of quality so you can count on them to last for years to come. In addition to beautiful knobs and pulls, we also have you covered with all the hardware extras you need to install them, including back plates, latches, pull escutcheons and hinges. From start to finish, RTA Cabinet Store is your one-stop-shop for your next kitchen or bathroom design project.

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