2008 Kitchen Renovation Contest Winner

Dan Swanson

Framingham, MA

What is the primary reason(s) you decided to buy from RTA cabinet Store?

We decided to purchase our cabinets from RTA Cabinet Store because the cabinets were the the
nicest looking and highest quality cabinets within our price range. We ordered sample doors
from multiple online ready to assemble cabinet sites. The sample door we receive from RTA
Cabinet Store was actually the color and finish represented by the web site. which was not
the case for the other online stores we ordered sample doors from. RTA Cabinet Store also
offered cabinets in the sizes we needed for our kitchen design.

How did you find RTA cabinet Store, and what was It about the site or the company that made
you decide to buy from them?
After visiting Home Depot and getting their cabinet quote for our kitchen. we realized that in
order to build the kitchen of our dreams. we would need to look elsewhere for cabinets.
Seeing that we do much of our shopping online, we turned to GOOGLE for help. RTA Cabinet
Store was one of the most professionally designed sites we visited. After looking through the
site and reading about policies and reading through helpful guides provided. we felt
comfortable ordering our cabinets through RTA Cabinet Store.

Where else did you shop for kitchen cabinets and how much money (if any) did you end up
saving by using our products (documentation required)?
We initially visited Home Depot and had a design consultation with them. They gave us a verbal
quote that was upwards of ten thousand dollars for cabinets alone. They wouldn't give us an
,itemized written quote at the time. Thanks to RTA Cabinet Store, we saved upwards of seven
thousand dollars. We saved enough money to put in granite countertops. which we didn't
originally think we could afford. The other ready to assemble cabinet sites we priced out were
comparable to RTA Cabinet Store, however we were more comfortable purchasing from RTA Cabinet

How were our cabinets able to transform your kitchen?
We had a very dated kitchen from the 1950's. Not only were the cabinets dated, we didn't have
enough cabinet space to store dishes and groceries. We had to store our groceries on our
cellar stairs and some of our pots and pans in our office. After upgrading our cabinets we now
enough room to store everything in the kitchen and then some. We've always dreamed of having a
kitchen that would be considered a good baking kitchen with plenty of counter space. Our dream
has come true with our new kitchen.

Describe your experience in using or working with our cabinets.
Originally our biggest concern about purchasing ready to assemble cabinets was that the
assembly would be time consuming and slow down the project. The cabinets were extremely easy to
work with. It took about 5 minutes to assemble each cabinet. Since it was so easy to assemble
the cabinets, we didn't mind the fact that they needed to be assembled.

What was the best feature about our cabinets?
The door style was our favorite feature of the cabinets closely followed by the fact that they
are all wood construction. The auto shut feature of the drawer slides is also a nice touch.
The door style we purchased was nicer than the Kraftmaid style we picked out at Home Depot.
The cabinets are a perfect fit in our new kitchen. In addition to the style, we also love the
easy reach corner cabinets and lazy susan cabinets, which replaced our previous blind corner

What specific style of cabinets did you use, how many did you use, and what did your layout
look like?
We went with the Heritage Honey Maple Cabinets in our kitchen. We originally had an L-shaped
kitchen with six cabinets, we transformed it into a G-shaped layout with sixteen cabinets. We
even included a peninsula in the design.

What made you choose the cabinet style that you chose?
We wanted a light colored cabinet for our kitchen, because the room is small and we didn't want
to make the room feel smaller by using darker cabinets. Once we received the sample honey maple
door, we knew it was the cabinet we were looking for. We also considered the ginger maple door,
but when we compared the arched style door of the ginger maple to the square style door of the
heritage honey maple we preferred the square style door.

Describe your buying experience and interaction with RTA cabinet Store.
There really wasn't much to it. Once we finalized our design, we logged onto the web site,
added the cabinets to our cart, and paid. Shortly after receiving our confirmation e-mail and
receipt the cabinets were at our house. This process really couldn't have been easier.

What obstacles, if any, did you encounter in your remodeling project? If applicable, how was
the staff at RTA cabinet Store able to help you?
We were concerned about hanging the deep over therefrigerator cabinet without the support of the
refrigerator s1de panel. After speaking to RTA Cabinet store, they let us know that the refrigerator side
panel was not necessary for the support of the cabinet. We also wanted a pass through base cabinet
as the base for our Peninsula. Unfortunately RTA cabinet store didn't sell this type of cabinet so we
fabricated one out of two 30 inch base cabinets. Please see "bonus pictures 1-4". We wanted a nice
finished look on the exposed sides of the upper cabinets and the end of the peninsula, so we installed
12 inch upper cabinet door fronts and frames onto the exposed sides of the cabinets. We also installed a
24 inch upper cabinet door front onto the end of the peninsula.

Why should you be chosen as the winner of the contest?
We transformed a hideous, poorly designed, dated, train-wreck of a kitchen into a beautiful
showcase in our home. We couldn't have created such a beautiful room within our budget if it
weren't for RTA Cabinet Store. Our granite contractor, who by definition is a kitchen
professional was blown away at the beauty of the cabinets and he was floored by the price.
Everyone who has seen our kitchen comments that they can't believe the transformation that has
taken place in our kitchen. Prior to our renovation, our kitchen was an eye soar, now it is
truly the heart of our home.

Other than kitchen cabinets, what other RTA cabinet Store products (if any), were you able to
incorporate into your renovation project?
We incorporated a wooden cutlery tray insert into one of our drawers and a door mounted wooden
spice rack, which were free with our order. These free items added a nice personal touch from RTA
Cabinet Store. Little things like that go a long way.