L-Shaped RTA Kitchen Layout

The L-Shaped Kitchen is a great design, providing ample counter space, room for two cooks, good access to work centers and better traffic flow. This layout allows the unused corner to be used for a dining table. This layout is good for medium sized kitchens

L-Shaped RTA Kitchen 3-D Design

*Total Cost does not include shipping (which would depend on where you live) or any accessories that you might want to add

Total Cost*

24 x 30 Wall Cabinets- W2430 (3)

Diagonal Wall Cabinet- WDC2430

12 x 30 Wall Cabinets- W1230 (2)

30 x 18 Wall Cabinet- W3018

Double Deep Wall Cabinet- W331524

36" Sink Base- SB36

36" Base Cabinet - B36

24" Base Cabinet- B24

12" Base Cabinet- B12

36" Diagonal Corner Base Cabinet - DCB3612

Oak Kitchen
Ginger Maple
Sunset Maple
Chestnut Glazed Maple
Marquis Cinnamon
Windsor Maple
Autumn Shaker