Are Movable Cabinets Right For Your Kitchen?

One of the latest trends in ready-to-assemble cabinetry are modular cabinets that you can move around your kitchen. Moveable cabinets, while they offer a lot of design options and can cater to the homeowner who likes to have variety, are not practical for every space. If you like the look of movable cabinets, but are not sure if they are right for your kitchen space, read the following design considerations.

Small Spaces
When you are restricted by the space available in your kitchen, you may want to go with fixed cabinets as opposed to movable ones. This is because it will allow you to maximize every available inch of space with cabinets that are hung on the walls and mounted to the floors. Movable cabinets require too much additional floor to make effective use of the available area in the kitchen. You can have a movable cart or rack if there is room and you need the storage space. However, when a small kitchen is properly designed, fixed cabinets are often the best option.

Large Areas
Big open kitchens are great for movable cabinets. They offer you the ability to move pieces around to accommodate your needs. Think about when you have a dinner party and need the counter space for setting out a spread of appetizers. If you have a movable cabinet, you can swing it to the transition area between the kitchen and the dining or living room. There is a high degree of flexibility within a large kitchen that has cabinetry that is not hung or mounted.

Moving Soon or Renting
If you are moving from your home soon or renting a house, movable cabinets and islands can move with. Most movable cabinets also resemble kitchen islands, so they can often transition into your new home's space if the new kitchen is large enough. While this is a great option for you, be sure that the buyer of your old home understands which cabinets will stay and which will go before the sale papers are signed.

Multi-Purpose Kitchens
Some homeowners use their kitchens for many different purposes. The kitchen is not only a place to cook and eat, but it can also be the home office, children's homework area, and computer spot. If your kitchen has many roles, movable cabinets may be the answer to fulfilling them all. A rolling cabinet can be positioned to serve as a shelf for a computer or printer during the day, and rolled back into its cooking position later in the evening. Movable cabinets also allow you to separate the kitchen space as needed. For instance, you can place a cabinet as a divider in the room to give a studying child more privacy during the busy afternoon rush.

Making the decision to have movable cabinets is a big one. You can often visit kitchen design stores to see how they are used and get expert advice on your particular kitchen needs. If you do decide that this style of cabinet is right for you, embrace the uniqueness of it and enjoy the flexibility that it provides.

Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for, and specializes in decorating with door topper and southwestern wall art.