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3 Creative Uses for Ordinary Cabinet Faces and Doors
Whether you are looking for ways to add more space to your tiny, studio apartment, or you simply want a kitchen with a unique look, transforming your plain cabinet faces into something more practical is a great place to start. Cabinets, especially those in small apartments, are usually nondescript and boring. Instead of living with the look of boring cabinet, turn them into magnetic boards, chalkboard or even dry erase surfaces with some quick and easy tricks.
How to Save Money in a Kitchen Remodel
Now that you have decided to remodel the kitchen, the costs keep adding up. From hardware to paint to new faucets, it seems there is no end in sight when it comes to a complete kitchen remodel. If you are working on a budget, there are some things that you can do to help cut costs without sacrificing the quality or look of your new kitchen.
How to Clean Grout on a Kitchen Tile Floor
Whether you are cleaning your kitchen for an upcoming party or scrubbing the floors after a kitchen redesign, there is no better way to make your tiles pop than by cleaning the grout. Although it is a relatively easy task, it is time consuming and best done when there will be no traffic through the kitchen. Follow the tips below to safely and efficiently get your kitchen tile floor clean.
Creating a New Kitchen Look Without a Major Remodel
Is it time to update the look and feel of your kitchen? If you need to upgrade, but do not have the budget for a major remodel, the tips and tricks below can give your kitchen a new look for a fraction of the cost. By doing the work yourself you will save even more money.
Finding the Right Contractor for Your Project
The decision has finally been made to remodel the kitchen, but with little remodeling experience, what can a homeowner do? Finding a qualified contractor to complete a kitchen remodel can be the most challenging aspect of the entire renovation project. With tales of shady contractors all over the news and the Internet, knowing who to trust is not easy. The avenues suggested below will help get your started on your hunt for the perfect contractor, but ultimately, your gut feeling about him will be the deciding factor.
Ensuring Your Kitchen Cabinets Last- How to Care for Wood Cabinets in the Kitchen
Wood kitchen cabinets can add value and beauty to any home. However, with frequent use, spills and the inevitable splatters, they can show wear faster than they need to. Properly caring for the wood cabinets will ensure a long cabinet life and higher resale value for the home. The tips below will help you keep your wood kitchen cabinets looking great.
Working with Concrete Countertops
While most people don't typically think of using concrete in their kitchen, concrete countertops are not only a unique way to finish off the look of your kitchen, but they are also very durable, and can be stained to create many unique colors and finishes.
Choosing The Best Countertops For Your Kitchen
If you are considering the installation of a new countertop in the kitchen or bath, you will find that there is a wide variety of materials from which to choose. Although most countertop materials are beautiful, durable and easy to care for, there are certain characteristics of the various materials that might make one a better choice for you.
5 Best Remodeling Projects for Your Money (Other than the Kitchen ofcourse!)
Even little improvements to your house can add some value. Everyone knows about the big ticket items like remodeling your kitchen and bathroom(s), but what about smaller projects that can add value? Here are 5 ideas that can add value without a lot of money.
How to Select New Windows for Your Home
Today's modern homeowner has a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting new windows for the home, and many of them can pay for themselves over time by reducing the heat that is lost through your windows in the winter, or the cool air that is lost during the summer. How to you select the right ones?
Getting Your Tile Floors To Look Like New
The best way to keep your tiles looking like new is to clean up mess and dirt regularly, especially when spills or stains happen. If you don’t keep up with maintenance cleaning, not only will you need to put in more work, but the harsh chemicals can also harm your tile floor. Here are some tips for maintenance cleaning as well as for getting rid of accumulated dirt on your tile and grout.
How to Seal a Terracotta Floor
Terracotta has been used for centuries, all over the world, from Mexico to China. Its beauty and durability make it a popular tile material for homes designed in a Mediterranean or rustic style. Terracotta tile is perfect for giving a kitchen, patio, or living area a warm, rustic feel.
How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel
A quick overview of some the planning and personal considerations that go into any successful kitchen remodeling.
7 Steps For Starting Your Kitchen Renovation- Demolition Time!
Before any remodeling project can begin, there is always going to be some demolition required. Depending on how far you are taking your kitchen renovation project, that could mean simply removing the countertops or stripping the room down to the bare studs. For many homeowners, the demolition can easily get out of hand when hammers and prybars are flying around. While it may be a good way to get our your aggresssion, it could result in more problems than you had before. Taking your time and actually disassembling the room versus demolishing it, is the smart way to go
Secrets to Saving Money on a Kitchen Remodel
The big supply stores do a very good job of making people believe that they are getting the best price on the product that they are buying. If compared to other local stores you will find that their prices might be better on a few items, but ultimately they are making the bulk of their profit off of other items. If you are in the market for a new kitchen, find out some of the secrets to getting the kitchen of your dreams without paying the high mark up of the retail stores.
Putting Money into Your Home- Will You See a Return in Equity?
Some home renovation projects will add significant value to your home, others may actually decrease the value. Find out how to maximize the return on your investment when renovating your home.

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Types of Material Used in Cabinets
When you are purchasing ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets, it is important to understand what they are made out of. Not all cabinets are alike, so it is especially critical to know what each type of material is and does. This will help you make the best choice when it comes to your own kitchen cabinets. Use the guide below to help you evaluate your choices and select cabinets that are going to meet your needs and budget.
Going With Glass- Working with Mullion Doors
Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets come with a variety of options. In many cases, you can select from solid wood cabinets or wood composites with an array of unique finishing details. One of those details is using glass in the cabinet doors. If you are looking for a great way to showcase the china and dinnerware items that you own, glass front doors can be the easiest way to do that. Use the guide below to help you decide if glass front doors are right for you.
Customizing With Cabinet Accessories
Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets not only offer a good deal for your dollar, they also offer a wide range of cabinet accessories that allow you completely customize your kitchen. There are accessories to make life easier for everyone from the wine lover to the super-organized cook. Whether you want a full-out customized kitchen, or one that simply has accessories to make your kitchen experience more pleasant, RTA cabinets can help you get what you need.
Custom Cabinet Combinations
When you are designing a new kitchen, it is important to get the exact look that you have been dreaming of. There is nothing worse than finishing a kitchen remodel only to discover that you are unhappy or not entirely satisfied with the final outcome. One of the most challenging things can be creating a custom kitchen look using ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets. While these cabinets can give you a great quality product for the money, they tend to lack customization. An easy way to get that unique look is to choose different cabinet combinations. Let the ideas below inspire you.
Choosing the Right Cabinets for an Open Loft Kitchen
Selecting the right cabinets for any kitchen can be challenging, but when you are working with an open loft space, the cabinetry becomes extra important. Not only do you want your cabinets to be at a price point that you can afford, but you also want them to reflect the mood and style of your loft. The wrong style can effect the entire home, so choosing carefully is very important. Use the tips and tricks below to help get you started.
Which Cabinet Door Style Is Right for You?
Storage vs. High Use Cabinets - Is There a Difference?
When you are designing your new kitchen, keep in mind that there are going to be different uses for different cabinets in the space. Some of the cabinets will be for storage and others will be high use cabinets that are opened and closed dozens of times each day. While the base of the cabinets themselves may remain the same, there are things to consider about the doors, the hardware and the layout of the cabinets in the room.
Making a Kitchen Handicap Accessible Using Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets
Making a kitchen handicap accessible is an excellent way to empower those in the family with mobility issues. Ready-to-assemble cabinets, while not specifically designed for the handicap accessible kitchen, can be adapted to work with a home owner's accessibility needs. Whether you decide to design and re-do the kitchen yourself, or hire a contractor to do it for you, it is important that you consider all of the factors that will make the kitchen a successful place for the person with mobility issues.
Creating a Country Kitchen with Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets
Are Movable Cabinets Right For Your Kitchen?
One of the latest trends in ready-to-assemble cabinetry are modular cabinets that you can move around your kitchen. Moveable cabinets, while they offer a lot of design options and can cater to the homeowner who likes to have variety, are not practical for every space.
Choosing Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets For Your Kitchen
Creating an eco-friendly home is a huge undertaking. One of the biggest offenders of the home's environment can be new kitchen cabinets. If you are on a mission to keep your home's air quality clean and help the environment in the process, explore the tips below for choosing eco-friendly kitchen cabinets.
RTA Cabinets- Where to Find Them and How to Get the Best Deal
Once you have decided to redo your kitchen, the next step is to decide what type of cabinets you want and which companies actually have kitchen cabinets for sale. There are many companies that advertise different types of cabinets, but finding the cabinets that you want may prove to be a bit more challenging. If you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets, check out some of these resources.
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing- Is It Worth It?
When you are faced with the prospect of redoing your kitchen, there are many different options to consider. Do you replace the current cabinets with custom kitchen cabinetry or use ready-to-assemble cabinets? Or, do you do what many homeowners are doing, and forgo the replacement of the cabinets by opting for cabinet refacing instead. There are pros and cons for each side of the argument and both have valid points.
Metal Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Easy Steps to Repainting Your Existing Metal Cabinets
Repainting your metal cabinets, if they are in excellent condition, is a great way to save money and create a new look for your kitchen. While the project is labor intensive, it can be very rewarding. Before deciding to tackle the painting project, take a look at the helpful hints and tips below to get you started.
Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets: Facts and Features That Make Bamboo A Great Choice
If a unique kitchen look is what you are after, consider upgrading your existing cabinetry to bamboo cabinets. Highly stylish and eco-friendly, bamboo cabinets have come into their own in terms of styling. No longer are they the outdated cabinetry from decades past. Today's bamboo cabinets are comparable to their wooden counterparts in terms of versatility and design. Before committing to bamboo, it is a good idea to find out more about them and why they are such an eco-friendly design material
Cabinet Pulls And Knobs: Using Creative Materials for Custom Hardware
If it is time to update your kitchen cabinet hardware, you may want to branch out from traditional knobs and pulls and try something a little different. The newest rage in green and eco-friendly living is to use found objects for new purposes. This can be a great way to update kitchen cabinet hardware for a fraction of the cost of buying all new pieces.
Kitchen Cabinets: Adding a Creative Touch Through Handpainted Murals
Are your cabinets in need of a face lift? If replacing them is not an option and painting them a solid color is too boring your taste, try painting a mural on your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to showcase your artistic skills and make your kitchen decor stand out from the rest.
Choosing the Right Paint Color to Match Your Kitchen Cabinets
Whether you just remodeled your kitchen or are working with your existing cabinetry, selecting the right paint for the kitchen walls is essential. While it may seem like an easy task, choosing paint that matches the undertones of your kitchen cabinets is usually the best way to find the perfect color. If you are stuck trying to figure out what color to use in your kitchen, use the tips below to help you.
Kitchen Cabinets and Child Safety
When you have small children in the home, kitchen cabinets and drawers can turn from beautiful to deadly in a matter of moments. A heavy drawer of silverware pulled out all the way can topple and land on a child's head. Unsecured cabinet doors can be opened by tiny hands to reveal deadly chemicals and cleaners stored inside. Thankfully, there are products designed to help ensure that kitchen cabinets are made as safe as possible.
Kitchen Cabinets: Repaint or Replace?
If the kitchen cabinets are looking a little ragged, it may be time to consider redoing them. The question then becomes, do you repaint them or replace them? If the home repair budget allows you to only repaint them, the choice is already made. However, if you have the option of doing one or the other, the list below will help you make the decision about which option is better for you.
Choosing RTA Kitchen Cabinet Colors
When it is time to replace those old kitchen cabinets with something new, cabinet choices revolve around not only the look and style of the cabinet, but also the color. It is important to give some thought to kitchen cabinet color choices before you begin the process of purchasing new ones. Whether you are designing a modern kitchen or a classic kitchen space, there are colors that work best with each different look.
Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
Sometimes the hardware that you choose for your kitchen is just as important as the style and look of the cabinets that you choose. Different knobs and pulls can completely change the look of your kitchen and the cabinets themselves.
The Advantages of Ready to Assemble Cabinets
Custom-built cabinets are certainly beautiful and can be a great addition to any kitchen. However, there are also some disadvantages to custom cabinets, primarily in regards to cost and the amount of time you have to wait in order to receive them. Contractors that instead offer ready to assemble cabinets can provide a homeowner with beautiful, well-made cabinets, at a fraction of the cost and without the long wait.
Dovetails: Are They Really Important for Drawer Construction?
Dovetail joints are often considered by many to be the ultimate solution when constructing drawers. Not only are they strong and secure, but they are also beautiful and a testament to the craftsmanship of the person who made the drawer. However, there are option for creating durable well-crafted drawers besides using dovetails.
5 Steps for Painting Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro
As much as we like selling kitchen cabinets, not all old kitchen cabinets need to be replaced. Sometimes you may have newer cabinets in a home, but not like the color or the finish. Here are some tips from the experts about how to paint kitchen cabinets and get a professional look.
Tips for Lighting Countertop Space in a Kitchen
When working in any kitchen, lighting is one of the most important features. Often in older kitchens, light is not focused on the work areas, which can create problems. Here are some simple tips for adequately lighting the countertop space in your kitchen.
How to Work with Stock Cabinets and Sizes
Not every kitchen is going to come down to even measurements or have perfectly straight walls, but that doesn't mean that you need to order custom cabinets. Stock cabinets can be used for any kitchen. Find out exactly how to layout your kitchen using stock cabinets... the savings will be well worth it!!
Kitchen Sink Accessories to Use in Your Kitchen
The right set of kitchen sink accessories will add functionality and style to your home kitchen.
Retail Store Secrets- Find Out What They Don't Want You To Know!
Kitchen Cabinet Secrets
Contractors are constantly looking for ways to cut the budget on their renovation jobs. After talking to several of my friends that were contractors, I found some of the secrets they use to putting more money in their pocket. Ironically, most of them have been using RTA kitchen cabinets that could be bought and assembled for far less than standard cabinets.
Storage Solutions- Creating Custom Spaces Using Our RTA Cabinets
Many of the unique options that are only available with high end kitchen cabinet lines, can easily be achieved by making some simple modifications to your existing kitchen cabinets or stock cabinets that are available on-line or in the home supply stores. To help homeowners who wanted those extra features without paying an arm and a leg to get them, there are several companies out there that have come up with special kits to modify existing cabinets.
Discount Kitchen Cabinets- A Lower Price Doesn't Mean That You Have to Sacrifice Quality
As the price of wood continues to increase, so does the cost of products such as kitchen cabinets. "Cheap" cabinets no longer applies to the description of discount cabinets or rta cabinets. Find out how you can still get a great looking kitchen at a discount price and your neighbors will never be able to tell the difference!
Why are RTA Cabinets So Popular?
Contractors and Builders have been using RTA cabinets for years, but a lot of home owners or novice DIY handymen are not familiar with the advantages of RTA Cabinets. Find out what the construction industry has been keeping a secret for years!
Buying Kitchen Cabinets At the Home Improvement Stores
The number of cabinet names and styles at the Home Improvement Stores like Lowes and Home Depot can be overwhelming, and so can the number of options and upgrades. They do a very good job of distracting you from the two biggest factors when it comes to buying kitchen cabinets. Find out what they are and how to avoid the common mistakes that people make when shopping for kitchen cabinets.
Deciding If Custom Cabinets are Right for You
Custom kitchen cabinets can be a large financial investment, which in today's housing market may not always get you the return on your investment that you would expect. While most home renovations will add value to your house, spending too much money or making your house too personal can actually prevent you from getting your investment back out of your house.
Choosing the Right Materials for Your Kitchen Cabinets
New kitchen cabinets can add value to your home and completely change the atmosphere of the room. Whatever kind of cabinet set you're looking for, you should know a few things about the materials from which kitchen cabinets can be made.

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Investing In Your Home- Will You See a Return on Your Investment?
Not all renovation projects will add value to your home. Some home renovation projects will add significant value while others may actually decrease the value. Find out how to maximize the return on your investment when renovating your home.