Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

kitchen cabinet hardware

There are so many components that go into a kitchen, and so many color combinations that it can be overwhelming.  Simply changing one aspect can give your kitchen an entirely different look.  One of items that you would least expect to have as much of an impact is the cabinet hardware–  the knobs and pulls.  Even just using a different knob or pull on the same cabinet can have a dramatic affect and change the look/feel of the kitchen.

To give as much of a selection of knobs and pulls and possible, we have partnered with another manufacturer to offer a full line of hardware for you to select from.  When you go to check out, it will automatically calculate how many you will need and give you options of what styles to select.   Combine that with the installation templates, and you are all set for a complete kitchen (minus the countertops).

The next step, which is going to be really cool, is that you will actually be able to see the knobs overlaid on the cabinets!  This will help you visualize EXACTLY what it will look like on the cabinet line that you chose.   This should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

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Customizing RTA Cabinets- Now It’s Available!

kitchen island corbel

One of the challenges with RTA kitchen cabinets, since all of the cabinets are made ahead of time and have to be stocked in a warehouse, is how do you reduce the number of sku’s or products that you inventory but still maintain a level of customization.   Everyone wants to be able to add some decorative touches to their kitchen, so we have come up with a new way.

We just added a whole new product category under the Accessories tab called Unfinished Cabinet Accessories and Trim.  Here you will find all of the accessories and trim that you would need to add some customization to your new kitchen (when the standard accessories just won’t do).   With decorative corbels, posts and columns, onlays, and even different styles of moulding you will find just about any and every piece of trim you could need to fully customize your kitchen.  Since they are unfinished, you can simply use the corresponding stain to the cabinet style that you are installing and you will get a close to perfect match with your cabinets.

These new product lines will add a whole new dimension to the kitchen cabinet lines that we sell and allow for a high end look without the high end price.

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Design Trends from KBIS Show (Kitchen and Bath International Show)

The KBIS show this year had a lot of new design trends that could be easily implemented into any kitchen or bath, regardless of your budget.   Some of it was over the top, others were just improvements on current products. Let’s take a look at them for each room.

When it came to the kitchen, there were several products that were unique and really stuck out for me.   From backsplashes, to kitchen cabinet finishes, appliances,  and a huge amount of new sink styles, the trends for the kitchen were more than I anticipated.   Over the next couple of days, we will highlight some of the new trends and show you how you can incorporate them into your kitchen design, regardless of your budget.

We were focused on primarily the bathroom vanities for the bathroom, but there was definitely a new “theme” in the design of vanities. Booth and booth had at least one, if not several of the same style of vanity. When it came to vanity tops, granite was not the featured material. Everything from porcelein, to bamboo, to composite granite was being used in the displays. Keep your eyes out for some new vanity top styles being added to the site soon!

Latest Gadget
Let’s face it… everyone loves new gadgets! Whether it is electronics or new appliances, everyone likes to have the latest and greatest gadgets in their house. We will also feature some of the latest appliances, and a couple of innovative ways to open your cabinets and other doors in your house (think George Jetson style!).

So check back over the next couple of days for some pictures and design ideas straight from the Kitchen and Bath International Show.

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Survival Guide for a Kitchen Renovation- New Download

Living without a kitchen for an extended period of time can be a stressful event for anyone, especially a family with kids.   Proper planning and scheduling can certainly help reduce the time frame and stress levels at the same time.   We try to do everything we can to help make the process as smooth as possible, so we created a new product that we offer as a free download (along with the kitchen cabinet buying guide and the design ideas).  We call it the “Kitchen Renovation Survival Guide”…. everything you need to know to be properly prepared for your kitchen renovation.  Similar books to this are selling for $15 and up online, so we are giving it to you for free (just for signing up for our email list.    We offer you planning tips, key measurements to make sure your kitchen will be up to code, recommendations for where to place appliances, outlets, etc.   This really is a great compilation of information that will be valuable for any kitchen renovation.

So if you haven’t downloaded your free copy yet, head over to the home page sign up for our email list and then download your free copy.   If you signed up earlier, but still want to grab your copy of it, send me an email to and we will send you the link.

Send us your feedback or leave a comment on our facebook page when you get a chance.   We are always interested to hear what you think or what we could do to make it better.

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Buying Kitchen Cabinets: How Does Each Cabinet Line Compare?

search tool for kitchen cabinets

We often get questions like “which cabinet lines have soft-close?” or “what cabinet lines come with dove-tailed drawers?”, but we never really had an easy way to compare the cabinet lines based on features, or price, and color.  Up until now, you wouldn’t be able to sort cabinet lines based on features.  That is all changing.  We just added a new “feature search” option that allows you to select cabinet lines based on various features, such as price range, drawer style, door style, hinge type, and many other options.  So for the customers who want a great deal, but don’t know exactly what they are looking for yet, the new search feature will help simplify that process.

To start using the kitchen cabinet feature search, head over to:

This will allow you to easily compare cabinet lines based upon the criteria that is most important to you.   Try it out, and let us know what you think.

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Villa Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Added to the Website

Villa Cherry Cabinets

For everyone that likes the color/tone of the Cherryville cabinets but might be looking for a more modern or streamlined cabinet, we are proud to introduce the Villa Cherry Collection.

This cabinet line has all of the features of the Cherryville cabinet line, except the door is a slab style door with rounded edges on the top and bottom.   This is a great look for a modern city loft, or anyone looking for clean lines and not all of the traditional detailing on the other cabinet lines.   The Villa Cherry cabinet line is expected to be a huge hit for us.   This cabinet line also features a different style crown molding than any other cabinet line that we sell-  a slab crown molding that accents the cabinets.

So if you are looking for an ultra modern, sleek look for your house, loft, or city apartment, the Villa Cherry cabinet line will be the perfect fit.   Look for this cabinet line to be coming to an DIY Network show very soon :)

Kitchen Cabinets-  Villa Cherry

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