House Crashers- Special Veterans Episode

House Crashers is doing a special episode to help renovate a V.F.W. and RTA Cabinet Store is helping out!  We will be helping to renovate the V.F.W. hall and give our veterans a great hall to socialize in.   The V.F.W. hall is a big project, and should put a different spin on how you can use RTA cabinets.  They will be featuring our Bordeaux Shaker cabinets, which will be the first time we have ever used them for a TV show.  The show will be filming in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for pictures once the show airs. 

In addition to the House Crashers, we are also working on a couple of other shows including Good, Better, Best,  and Rescue Renovation.  We are starting the year off with a bang, and really doing some great projects with the networks.  Our flooring was just featured in two shows as well, so keep an eye for that footage in the next week or so.

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New Products Coming for 2012

With the end of the year coming, we are ramping up to add new products and new accessories to the website. There will be some interactive features, along with recommended products and a completely new user interface with access to exclusive home improvement products that will only be for our exclusive customers. While we get everything ready over the holiday, here is one of the products that we will be adding:

LED Lighting
We all know that lighting in the kitchen can make a world of difference on the look and feel of the room. Ensuring adequate lighting for work space, accent lighting for features you want to highlight, and general lighting for everyday use is important. With LED lighting you can accomplish all of that, while adding the most energy efficient and longest lasting lighting options on the market. LED lights will actually reduce your energy costs by as much as 75% versus other forms of lighting. With all of that factored in, we thought it would be a natural addition to our website. We are working with to bring you one of the most user-friendly and easy to install, forms of LED lighting on the market. For the DIY homeowners, you can install this lighting in half a day.

So keep an eye out for bigger and better things to be added to the website in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, Happy Holidays from everyone at RTA Cabinet Store!

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Holiday Sale- 12 Days of Savings!

We wanted to get everyone in the Holiday mood, so we are having a 12 day holiday sale to get bring some holiday cheer! (and help put some additional money in your pockets for presents). Starting tomorrow, each day we will be having a different cabinet style on sale. Each cabinet style will ONLY be on sale for that day, so make sure you have your order ready to go! The sale will go as follows:

Wed, Dec 14th Cherryville- 10% DAY1
Thurs, Dec 15th Oak 10% DAY2
Fri, Dec 16th Mocha Shaker 10% DAY3
Sat Dec 17th Brazilian Cherry 15% DAY4
Sun Dec 18th Pre-Orders of Bamboo 20% DAY5
Mon Dec 19th Ginger Maple 10% DAY6
Tues Dec 20th Brandywine 10% DAY7
Wed Dec 21st Tuscany 10% DAY8
Thurs Dec 22nd Marquis Cinnamon 10% DAY9
Fri Dec 23rd Harvest Maple 10% DAY10
Sat Dec 24th Premier Oak 10% DAY11
Sun Dec 25th Pre-Orders of Bamboo 25% DAY12

Each day we will remind you of what will be on sale the following day. So in-between holiday shopping, gift wrapping, and office parties… don’t forget to place your kitchen cabinet order!

Happy Holidays from RTA Cabinet Store


Gary Nealon

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New Design Ideas Added- Wine Bar and Kitchen Desk

Wine Bar With Storage Tower

We just added two more design ideas to the website today!  Both are really easy to make and they are just another spin on traditional designs.   The first, is a wine bar with storage tower that is great for an entertainment room or shared use space, where you want to have a separate area for your bar.

The second, is a little spin the desk in the kitchen.  Set up higher, it is easier to view the computer while standing, and adds an additional counter surface for you to use.

Both designs can be found under any of the cabinet categories, or you can go directly to the design page:  Kitchen Design Ideas

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Can You Guess What the Picture Is?

New Kitchen For TV Show

Can you get what this is a picture of?   This is the stripped down kitchen of a new show that we are supplying cabinets for…  Good, Better, Best.  They are doing a large kitchen, which will feature both our Mocha Shaker Kitchen cabinets and our Harvest Maple cabinets.   The Harvest maple will be for the island, and the Mocha cabinets for the wall and base in the rest of the room.   I am really interested in seeing how that color combination turns out (especially since the two tone kitchens are becoming very popular these days).

Keep an eye out for the final product and pictures on the website.  We are also getting ready to add some really cool new accessories to the site, that will allow you to customize the cabinets even further.  They are going to go well with some of the design ideas that we have been posting!

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Special Holiday Hours Announced

You may have noticed some changes to the website the past couple of days.   We are trying to get everyone in the holiday mood by making the website more festive!  In addition to the holiday spirit, we are also extending our hours for the holiday season.  Starting this weekend, we will now be open on Saturdays (the showroom is still by appointment only).  The new Saturday hours will help all of those holiday shoppers, especially since we are right next to one of the largest malls in America.   In addition to the Saturday hours, we are also extending our Friday hours by opening an hour earlier and staying open an hour later.   So you are out shopping in the stores, or doing all of your shopping online, our customer service team will be there to help.

Happy Holidays from everyone at RTA Cabinet Store!!

P.S.-  Keep an eye out for last minute deals that we will be posting.  If you are not on our mailing list yet, I would suggest submitting your email address on the home page!

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