Harvest Maple Kitchen Cabinets- New Videos from the Latest Episode of Money Hunters

Another episode of Money Hunters that featured our rta cabinets just aired!   In this episode they used our Harvest Maple Kitchen Cabinets, and it came out great.   The kitchen wasn’t very big, but they made some modifications to the placement of the stairs to add some extra room to their kitchen.   What used to be a cramped kitchen with metal cabinets, is now a warm and inviting kitchen with new rta kitchen cabinets supplied by us.

I uploaded some videos to our Youtube channel that I think everyone will like. The before and after pictures are pretty amazing, and they did a couple of quick clips about installing crown molding and light rails. Here is a link to the before and after video:

Harvest Maple Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Renovations- Send us Your Pictures and Get Dinner on Us!

There is a certain pride that comes along with completing a project yourself.  When your new kitchen or bathroom is finished, the first thing you want to do is show it off… right?  Why not share your hard work and design skills with other homeowners?   We created a new forum for you to be able to show off your work, and we are even willing to give you dinner on us for doing it.

If you click on the link on our home page, you will see a submission form where you can upload pictures and give us your renovation story.  Even if you entered the sales contest, or plan on entering this years contest, you can still qualify for both!  So send us your story, grab dinner on us, and get ready for another sales contest this year which is going to be bigger and better!!

To enter, go the Kitchen Renovations   Also, keep an eye out for more changes coming to the website!

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Kitchen Contest Starts Off With a Bang!

Today the voting started for the Kitchen Renovation Contest, and the feedback has been unbelievable so far.   Within the first couple of hours we received over 500 votes, and they keep coming!  Since this was the first year we tried this style of contest and the first year we outsourced it to another company, we had a couple of hiccups which we are working through (you didn’t really expect it work without a little glitch, did you?), but all together the first day of voting started off with a bang.

I was overly impressed with the quality of work and effort that everybody put into their videos.  Not only was the quality of each video better than I expected, but the transformations that were produced from each renovation were just astounding.  Any of our contestants want to come over and remodel my house? :)

Even if you don’t have a video in the contest, help out our contestants by submitting your vote for the best video!  Keep checking back to see who wins.

Kitchen Renovation Contest

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Last Chance to Get Your Kitchen Contest Video In!

We are coming down to the final hours of being able to submit your video for the kitchen renovation contest.  After today, the submission page will be closed, and we will begin the voting process.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the great videos that were submitted.   If you haven’t had a chance to create a video yet, or don’t think you are capable of doing that, head over to our Youtube page and watch the video I created about turning your photos into a video slide.  Super easy stuff to do, and anyone with Microsoft Windows can do it.

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Another Satisfied Customer

Customer Service is a funny aspect of any business because generally you don’t hear back from a customer unless they have a problem or are not happy with a particular aspect of the buying process.   Occassionally you will get some positive feedback, which we always appreciate, so we like to share those experiences with everyone.   Big thanks to our customer service team, and Mike in the warehouse.   Definitely made this customer happy:


My name is Mark DeSimone, and I live in NYC. I recently purchased 3 sets of your draw slides KV 8450. Not a big order, but what I found out was HUGE. You team from Leeanne, to Jonelle, to Mike G, was tremendous! Mike has spent a great amount of time discussing my concerns and questions for installation etc…I am not a contractor, but I know my way around my tools and the work I do in my Apartment. I am a person who spends a ton of time with my clients and I help them way beyond what is expected. I don’t really expect that in return from others, but Mike has been amazing with his time and help. I feel the company is extremely fortunate to have a person like Mike associated with them. The human interaction is what is missing in the world today and I am happy that something I do in my work, came back to help me. It can only be a positive for your business, and I am one customer that will pass this on wherever I have the chance to. You should be proud of your staff, and especially Mike!

Dale, thank you for your time and have a great week!

Mark Desimone"

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Less Than A Month Left To Enter The Kitchen Renovation Contest!

Still interested in winning $4,000?  I hope so! With less than a month left to get your submissions in for the kitchen renovation contest, we have been receiving frantic emails from customers worried about not having a video camera or not being able to make a video.   If you were thinking the same thing don’t worry….  I am going to make it easy for you.   All you need are some digital pictures and Microsoft Windows on your computer (which just about every laptop and PC will have some version of).  

Microsoft Windows includes a program called Windows Movie Maker which can take your pictures and turn them into a slideshow.  The slideshow then becomes a video which you can upload to the contest.   I even created a video to show you how to do it.   To what the video, click on the link below:


Remember, it is a contest to see who gets the most votes from the public, and voting starts on December 1st.  Looking forward to seeing who wins the contest!


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