Creating a Custom Look With RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Most people when they think about RTA cabinets, they have a hard time visualizing a custom look, because traditionally rta kitchen cabinets only offer stock sizes.   All of the design magazines and high end kitchen lines focus on the custom features, which is why the cabinets end up being so expensive.   With a little creativity, you can get a similar look (if not the same exact look) by using RTA Kitchen Cabinets.   The problem is, it is sometimes hard to visualize, right?   So in a couple of weeks we are launching a new section on the site called Design Ideas.  We are going to take actual design ideas and kitchen trends that you see on designer websites and in magazines, and showing you how you can get the same look by using our cabinets.   So far we have about 50 different ideas so far!   I think you will be blown away by the creative ways you can transform RTA Cabinets into a designer look (and not have to pay for the high priced custom cabinets).   The new section will be located under each of the cabinet styles and will give you detailed instructions on what cabinets you will need and how to recreate the look.


Do you have a unique feature or look that you saw in a magazine that you really want to duplicate?   If so, send us a picture and we will try to come up with a solution for you.  We will try to find a way that you can still achieve that look, while using RTA cabinets.   I am really excited about this new feature, and I think everybody is really going to like it.

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Tuscany Kitchen Cabinets Featured in an Episode of Money Hunters

We just received the video from an episode of Money Hunters that aired this month, featuring our Tuscany Kitchen Cabinets.   In this episode, the family needed a complete kitchen renovation on a tight budget and with an eco-concious approach.   The kitchen cabinets really came out great!  They also came up with some great DIY projects that you can do to improve your kitchen on a tight budget, including unique utensil holders, creative drawer storage solutions, and installing a pocket door.  

To see some clips from this episode, head over to our Youtube page.   We have a before and after video, cabinet installation and hanging video, as well as a diy tip for creating custom storage solutions.  Head over to:


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RTA Cabinet Store’s Mocha Shaker Cabinets Featured on an Episode of House Crashers!

We just got the video footage back from the latest show that aired on the DIY Network that we participated in.  This was the first episode of House Crashers that we had ever worked on, and it took some creative thinking to make it all come together.   It just goes to show you, that no matter how much planning you do, something could always go wrong.   For this show, it was the first time that weather almost shut down the show.   We had shipped the cabinets out with plenty of time for them to get there, but the truck got stuck in a snow storm and wasn’t going to make it to the house in time.   We had to do some creative planning and actually had rta kitchen cabinets flown out to the show!  Good thing we keep a large stock of the Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets at our King of Prussia facility.  We were able to get another kitchen wrapped up and shipped out the same day to save the production schedule for the show.   If you want to see the homeowners reaction to the new cabinets, and a before and after video, head over to our Youtube channel.   Here are some links to the videos:

Mocha Shaker- Before and After

Homeowners Reaction to New Kitchen Cabinets

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New RTA Cabinet Store Videos Up On Youtube!

For everyone that didn’t catch the episode of Rescue Renovation that featured our Mocha Shaker cabinets, I put a couple of clips from the show up on Youtube.  You can watch how they created a wine bar out of cabinets, a quick rta cabinets assembly video and a clip that shows how to properly install kitchen cabinets.   This families basement turned out great, and our kitchen cabinets just added to the overall look.  Keep checking back for updates from the episode of house crashers that we participated in as well.


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New Episode of Rescue Renovation to be Airing on June 14th

Another episode of Rescue Renovation that we participated in will be airing on June 1th, on the DIY Network.  Check it out on Tuesday to see how they transform another bathroom using our RTA bathroom vanities.

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RTA Cabinet Store Improving the Customer Experience

As RTA Cabinet Store continues to grow, we have undoubtly gone through some growing pains, like any other company.  One of the hardest aspects, especially in the cabinet industry, where there are inevitably going to be a lot of technical and design questions, is keeping up with customer service.  While we continue to add people to our customer service team, we also spent the past couple of months revamping the whole customer experience.

You will notice some significant changes to both the website, and how you interact with our team in the office.  First, we upgraded our chat system.  We are in the process of tying your chat name into your order/account, which will allow us to view your cart, past orders, and claims just by seeing your user name in the chat system.

You will also notice at the top of the website, a new NEED HELP? button.  This gives you more ways than ever to reach someone in our office.   With the options for email, phone, chat, and common questions, all in one place… you should be able to get the answer to any and all of your questions.

When it comes to calling the main office, we have upgraded our entire phone system.  We added a bunch of new lines, so that we can handle more incoming calls, and added direct extensions for all of the major departments.  As with the chat, we will soon be able to pull up your account, based on the phone number that you are calling in from so that all of your information will be at the customer service persons finger tips when you call.

We are streamlining the claims process, making it easier to file a claim and get replacement parts…expediting the process for you.  This is an industry leading initiative that we are taking, which we are really excited about.

In the end, our goal is make sure that our customers are satisfied with every order, and when they are not, that we can help address any issues that may have occurred in a timely manner.  In the end we want our customers to keep coming back, sharing their projects and pictures with us, and spreading the word about RTA Cabinet Store!  Keep checking back for some other exciting changes coming to the website and our product lines.

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