Brandywine Kitchen Cabinets-Great Testimonial About Assembly

As I was editing the video from the show Rescue Renovation that I just posted before and after pictures from, I almost skipped right over this great little testimonial about how easy RTA Cabinets are to assemble.   In this short clip, the homeowners are working with the carpenter to assemble the Brandywine Kitchen Cabinets that they are installing in their kitchen.   As we always preach to any skeptical homeowner that is thinking about buying RTA cabinets…. they really are THAT easy to assemble!   Check out the testimonial at the link below:


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Brandywine Kitchen Cabinets- Before and After Pics from Rescue Renovation

Just received our copy of the episode of Rescue Renovation that aired on the DIY Network this past saturday.  The kitchen looks amazing, and so do the cabinets!  For this episode, they used our Brandywine kitchen cabinets to transform an outdated kitchen, into an updated/modern kitchen that maintained the look and feel of their older home.  They do a really cool project for the flooring which you will have to check out for yourself.

Head over to our Youtube page to check out the new video, and to see all of the videos we have uploaded from past shows:  Kitchen Cabinets

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RTA Cabinet Store on DIY Network Again

Looks like another one of the DIY Network shows that we filmed will be airing this weekend!  Check out the newest episode of Rescue Renovation at 9 am, Saturday 10/16 to see our cabinets featured on another show.   We haven’t received a copy of this show yet, so I am not sure how much you will get to see.

In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out the latest episode of Kitchen Impossible where we supplied Autumn Shaker cabinets for the home of Danny Bonaduce!

Watch the video here:

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Kitchen Impossible With Danny Bonaduce

We just received a copy of the Kitchen Impossible Episode featuring the home of Danny Bonaduce.  The kitchen really came out great, and they showed quite a bit of footage from inside our warehouse.  In the episode, Mark Bartolomeo and Danny explore all of the different kitchen cabinet styles that we have in stock, and finally decide on the Autumn Shaker kitchen cabinets.   If you are interested in seeing a clip from the show, go to: RTA Cabinets

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2010 Kitchen Renovation Contest Begins!

We have had a lot of inquiries about the 2010 Kitchen Renovation Contest and everyone wanted to know when it starts and how they enter.  Well I am happy to announce that today is the start of the 2010 Kitchen Renovation Contest!!  This year we are doing a video submission format, where any that has purchased from us in the past can upload a video (submission deadline is November 30th), and the general public is going to vote on it!

We are offering a $4,000 cash prize for the video that gets the most votes.. it is that simple! Your video doesn’t have to be an award winning production, just something showing off our kitchen cabinets. It can be a promotional video, before and after slideshow, comical display, or anything that your imagination can come up with. Starting December 1st, the general public will be able to vote on your video (so think about what will grab people’s attention). You can invite family, friends, neighbors..facebook friends (hint, hint) to vote up until December 30th when the voting ends.

So get your videos submitted, and start spreading the word about voting for your video. Good luck!

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Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Now Fully Stocked!

For a while now, the Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets have only been special order.   As we continue to build up our inventory and the lines that we carry, we are now fully stocked on the Mocha Shaker line.   We spent most of this week unloading the containers, and can now offer the entire kitchen line under our normal processing time.

The Shaker Kitchen cabinets have been our most popular lines by far, and the Mocha is really starting to catch on as homeowners are looking for darker color cabinets for their homes. So if you haven’t seen the Mocha Shaker cabinets yet, check them out. Don’t forget to "like" them to your face book page as well!

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