Mocha Shaker Sink RTA Cabinet

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Mocha Shaker Sink RTA Cabinets

Mocha Shaker Sink Base RTA Cabinets
  • Mocha Shaker Sink Base RTA Kitchen Cabinets sizes will range from 30" wide up to 60" wide
  • Mocha Shaker Sink Base Kitchen Cabinets will all feature the double door fronts with the false drawer face above, except for the 60" Mocha Shaker Sink Base which will feature 4 doors on the bottom
  • A 36" Corner Sink Base Cabinet is also available for a different placement of the sink
  • Door stiles and rails as well as the face frames are made from solid Maple.
  • Solid 1/2" plywood sides
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • Each Mocha Shaker RTA kitchen cabinet is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed to complete the assembly
  • Mocha/Chocolate Shaker finish  
  • Concealed European hinges
  • Drawer boxes with 1/2" all wood sides and back


Viewing Tip: To see a closeup of each Mocha Shaker Maple RTA base cabinet, click on the description of the individual items on the order pages.

Quantity Product Name Model Price
36" Mocha Shaker Corner Sink Face GCSF36MSH $61.59
36" Corner Sink Face Floor CSFFLOORNM $21.44
Mocha Shaker Sink Base Cabinet 30"W GSB30MSH $173.79
Mocha Shaker Sink Base Cabinet 33"W Notify Me GSB33MSH $179.42
Mocha Shaker Sink Base Cabinet 36"W Notify Me GSB36MSH $185.01
Mocha Shaker Sink Base Cabinet 42"W GSB42MSH $202.86
Mocha Shaker 60" Starter Base GSB60MSH $254.34
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