Gunstock Shaker Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Gunstock Shaker Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

The Gunstock Shaker Bamboo Cabinets feature a darker brown finish and all of the clean, modern lines of the shaker style door. This shade of brown is very popular is maple cabinets, and sure to be just as popular with the bamboo grain being highlighted.

  • 1/2" plywood cabinet box with 5/8" plywood shelves
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • 3/4" framed solid bamboo shaker door and drawer front
  • 1/4" reveal overlay doors
  • 5/8" dovetail solid wood drawer box with 3/8" plywood drawer bottom
  • Each cabinet piece is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed to complete the assembly
  • soft-closing undermount, full-extension drawer slides
  • Concealed 6 way adjustable hinges



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The Gunstock Shaker Bamboo Cabinet Collection boasts a deeper, darker brown finish with the clean, modern lines of the popular Shaker door. The finish allows the natural appeal of the bamboo to be highlighted and showcased while warming up the cabinets with the rich finish. We love that the Gunstock Shaker collection can take on not only modern and contemporary kitchens, but it can complement industrial and loft styled kitchens as well.

The rich, earthy Gunstock Shaker Bamboo Cabinet Collection looks fabulous with the new neutral gray palettes that have burst onto the interior design scene. The rich steels and muted blue-grays offer an excellent opportunity to harmonize stainless steel appliances and fixtures for a monochromatic modern appeal. For a more toned down approach, introduce some black to the mix - wrought iron light fixtures or a burnished bronze add a little more texture to the mix.

Kitchen design elements that accentuate the Gunstock Shaker Bamboo kitchen cabinets are:

• Light, natural Maple flooring or furniture as a contrast to the Gunstock finish;
• A large, curved gooseneck faucet to offset the straight lines of the Shaker style;
• A modern, geometric accent or throw rug to add texture while complementing the modern or contemporary style;
• Mullion cabinet doors - which are doors with glass panes - in the upper cabinets.

Another environmentally friendly element that works oh-so well with the Gunstock Shaker Bamboo Collection is the energy efficient LED lighting. LED lighting is not only more eco-friendly, but offers a whiter glow than traditional lighting, which complements the Gunstock finish well. For a professionally designed look, make sure to layer lighting in the kitchen. Use task lighting such as drop pendants for work spaces and kitchen islands, use decorative lighting such as a striking chandelier to complement d├ęcor and use accent lighting to play up your kitchen’s positive features. Under cabinet lighting to accent countertops and over the cabinet LED rope lighting both look smashing with the Gunstock Shaker cabinets.

Not only are our bamboo cabinets handsome and stylish, but bamboo is a sustainable alternative to traditional hardwoods which can contribute to deforestation. Bamboo grows fast enough to be harvested in just 4 to 7 years, compared to hardwoods, which takes more than 40 years to reach maturity.

The look and quality of the Gunstock Shaker Bamboo cabinets stand on its merits, as there are no particle board pieces in this collection, or any RTA kitchen cabinet for that matter. Some of the quality features of this collection include:

• A ½ inch thick plywood cabinet box with sturdy 5/8 inch thick plywood shelves
• A ¾ inch framed solid bamboo shaker door and drawer front
• ¼ inch reveal overlay doors
• A 5/8 inch dovetailed, solid wood drawer box with a 3/8 inch thick plywood drawer bottom
• Each cabinet is shipped complete in a separate box for safe travels
• Each cabinet is fully ready for assembly, and only a screwdriver is needed
• The full extension drawer slides allow you to put all of the drawer space to good use and they are soft-closing with undermount glides for smooth opening and closing.
• Concealed 6 way adjustable hinges allow the cabinetry to take front and center stage.

The Gunstock Shaker Bamboo kitchen cabinet collection boasts the quality and clean lines that are sure to keep your cabinets looking and functioning like new for years to come.