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The Cherryville Line offers a Rich Cherry color with subtle black antiquing around the features of the door. It comes with undermount drawer glides and natural wood drawer boxes. Because of its rich color it goes well with any color pallet and will make your kitchen look as elegant as ever.


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I purchased your Cherryville cabinets and we are very pleased with them. They are beautiful and the quality is great. They are exactly they way they are described on your website except they are more beautiful in person. We had a couple of issues with 1 side panel missing on a base cabinet and 1 island panel was wrong. Kelly took care of these issues in a timely manner and that made me very happy and shows that your company is what you claim on your website. We have some friends who are thinking about putting in a new kitchen. We invited them over during the construction of some of cabinets so they could see just how easy they are to put together. The wife works for Home Depot and she was quoted $11,000 from Home Depot to resurface her current, outdated cabinets. We told her that we paid $4,400 including shipping - she and her husband were very pleasantly surprised.Austin B.

Simply amazing.. Saved $$$ for a Better Product! I am the "diy" type and refuse to hand over money for someone else to do the dirty work. That's why I chose -- they had the best prices on great products. I truly did not expect for my cabinets to be so elegant when I ordered them. I was hoping for something that was "in-the-middle" with my budget but WOW, so many compliments when I just had the UPPER cabinets up! Now, everything is done and amazing looking.Daniel H.

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  • Cherryville Kitchen

    Cherryville Kitchen

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    Cherryville Door Closeup

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    CHV drawer opened

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    CHV - Lazy Susan

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    Cherryville Drawer Closeup

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    Cherryville Drawer Base Cabinet

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    Cherryville Kitchen with 42" wall cabinets

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    Cherryville Wall Cabinets with Brushed Nickel handles

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    Cherryville Base Cabinets

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    Cherryville Corner Sink

  • Cherryville Oven Cabinet

    Cherryville Oven Cabinet

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For a true, timeless elegance, the Cherryville Series offers a deep, rich Cherry finish with oh-so subtle black antiquing around the features of the door. The Cherryville kitchen cabinets slip right into any color palette, offering an enduring look to keep your kitchen looking in-style and up-to-date for years to come.

The warm, rich finish of the Cherryville Series contrasts handsomely with sleek, stainless steel appliances. Both white and black appliances take on a more traditional and elegant look against the backdrop of the Cherryville kitchen cabinets. The subtle antique glaze and the raised panels of the drawers and doors allow this cabinetry to take on the look of antique, custom, hand-hewn cherry wood cabinets, without the custom cost.

Neutral and light color palettes in the kitchen allow the Cherryville cabinets to take front and center stage in the room’s décor. A tiled backsplash in a mosaic design brings in a warm elegance to the workspace and is set off nicely by the cabinetry. For a more dramatic look, try deep, rich color palettes in the kitchen, such as deep greens and rich, warm yellows, such as an ochre, to highlight the multi-dimensional elegance of the Cherryville Series.

Some of our favorite design elements used with the Cherryville cabinets are:

• Marble accents, flooring or countertops create an elegant formality that is unparalleled and unforgettable;
• Consider upgrading the kitchen lighting to accentuate your kitchen cabinets - under the cabinet lighting or rope lighting on the top of the cabinets to highlight the warm, rich finish;
• Try using an unexpected piece of furniture in the kitchen, such as an armchair, to soften the décor and show what a social area the kitchen is for both family gathering and entertaining.
• Copper cookware displayed on or near the warm Cherry finish is an excellent look that gives a nod back to a 19th Century French chateaux.
• Plants on or around the cabinets are elegant, warm touches in a traditional kitchen, particularly with the Cherryville cabinetry.
• There are several flooring options that will work well - porcelain, glazed tile floors that would normally look cold and stark offer an excellent contrast to the warmth of the Cherryville Series. A contrasting wood accentuates the warmth, while slate and stone flooring are quite an elegant look.
• Oriental rugs don’t have to be one-of-a-kind, expensive antiques - semi-antique Persian rugs, those that are 50 years old or less, can be quite affordable and durable, and look incredibly rich in the kitchen as area rugs or scatter rugs.

Older, period homes, including Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Colonial, all mesh perfectly with the Cherryville cabinetry. To bring the warmth of yesteryear to a more modern home, these kitchen cabinets allow you to bring the antique touches with a more modern appeal.

The timeless style and hardwood Maple door stiles, rails and face frames ensure that these cabinets will look and function great for years to come. Between the timeless look and the quality construction, you can be sure that the Cherryville Series will be the mainstay of your kitchen for years to come.

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