Bohemian Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

A new and stunning addition to our existing RTA cabinet lines is the Bohemian Glaze Collection. In addition to being beautifully crafted, these cabinets also feature quality construction and durability. A maple toned finish, coupled with thoughtful features and details, allow this line to fit seamlessly into many popular interior design styles. Doors and Drawers will have a distressed look to them - knots and other characteristics may be visible - Please order a Sample Door before ordering if you are unsure of what this means.


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  • Fiberboard Core Doors
  • Solid Wood Face frames
  • Inset Doors and Drawers
  • Concealed Undermount drawer glides
    • Upgradeable to Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides
  • Concealed European hinges with built in soft closing mechanism
  • Doors and Drawers will have a distressed look to them - knots and other characteristics may be visible - Please order a Sample Door before ordering if you are unsure of what this means
  • Each cabinet is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed for assembly
  • ½” PRE-FINISHED plywood cabinet box
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Bohemian Glaze Single Door Wall Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Double Door Wall Cabinets

$167.36 x
$217.03 x
$225.37 x
$182.80 x
$252.50 x
$246.66 x
$149.41 x
$122.28 x
$125.63 x
$180.30 x
$186.14 x
$262.93 x
$364.76 x
$251.25 x
$132.31 x
$166.52 x
$136.48 x
$201.99 x
$205.75 x
$292.15 x
$391.48 x
$277.95 x
$245.40 x
$222.87 x

Bohemian Glaze Single Door Base Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Double Door Base Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Three Drawer Base Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Sink Base Cabinets

$232.05 x
$234.55 x
$365.18 x

Bohemian Glaze Other Base Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Other Wall Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze Pantry Cabinets

$507.92 x
$697.81 x
$281.71 x
$289.22 x
$411.09 x

Bohemian Glaze Double Oven Cabinets

Bohemian Glaze End Panels

Bohemian Glaze Accessories


The Bohemian Glaze Collection cabinets have the elegance and quality craftsmanship to truly take your kitchen to the next level. The warm, mildly distressed finish and inset doors and drawers are indicative of hand made custom cabinetry. Indeed, this line is a stunning example of how closely RTA cabinets can mirror custom built versions at just a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing the quality or resilience that your family deserves.

From traditional to country or cottage style, the Bohemian Glaze Collection cabinets have the warmth and added detailing to complement a number of décor preferences. For more of a country farmhouse feel, consider using a soft color palette with creams, yellows and pale blues and greens. Tile or butcher block countertops and bronze fixtures will round out the design scheme nicely. Or, for a more formal direction, use richer greens and reds, black appliances and countertops in dark, rich granite. Plants, artwork and area rugs will bring added warmth.

To really make your home your own, you have to include those special touches and features. Fortunately, this cabinet line has some great accessories that can take your kitchen from so-so to stunning. Cabinet doors with glass paneling, for example, are great avenues for bringing additional color and allowing you to showcase your art and accessories. A plate holder installed with your wall cabinets can add a unique touch, particularly if you are striving for a cottage or country vibe. For a very classy touch, consider installing a built-in wine rack and glass holder.

Like all our RTA cabinet lines, the Bohemian Glaze Collection is built not only for aesthetic appeal, but also for durability and stability. With heirloom quality finish and rock solid construction, you can be sure you are getting a product that will meet the needs of your family and stand the test of time. In addition to the standard base and wall cabinets, pantry, oven, refrigerator and corner pieces are also available along with crown molding, valances and end panels. And, for those added conveniences, we also offer a complete line of accessories and add-ons including rollout trays, glass racks and Lazy Susans.

No matter your home’s style, you really can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Bohemian Glaze Collection cabinetry. The rich maple tone coupled with a mildly distressed finish and attentive detailing truly sets this line apart from your typical kitchen. You really have the opportunity to showcase your own styles and tastes with this attractive cabinet line as your backdrop.

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