Sunset Maple Kitchen Cabinets

The Sunset Maple Cabinets feature the same arched doors that you find on the Ginger Maple, but it adds the warm, rich color of a cherry finish. The Sunset Maple line is perfect for a kitchen where you don't want the dark chocolate color of the Beaumont Collection, but you are looking for something a bit darker than the Ginger.


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I absolutely love the quality and the ease of assembly. The cabinets are beautiful and the price was also great. I LOVE my new kitchen!!! Thanks again for all your help.James B.

Viewing Tip: To see a close up of each Sunset Maple RTA cabinet along with a closeup of a sample Sunset Maple door, click on the description of the individual items on the order pages.

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Sunset Maple Single Door Wall Cabinets

Sunset Maple Double Door Wall Cabinets

$94.29 x
$103.72 x
$92.89 x
$121.86 x
$97.22 x
$132.97 x
$68.37 x
$104.31 x
$135.56 x
$114.44 x
$148.76 x
$62.20 x
$74.08 x
$77.05 x
$118.50 x
$115.46 x
$150.09 x
$80.14 x
$123.52 x
$157.47 x
$77.82 x
$80.39 x
$135.86 x
$131.60 x
$171.10 x
$135.13 x
$175.68 x

Sunset Maple Double Door Base Cabinets

Sunset Maple Single Door Base Cabinets

Sunset Maple Three Drawer Base Cabinets

Sunset Maple Sink Base Cabinets

$51.14 x
36" Corner Sink Face Floor Model #CSFFLOORNM
$22.51 x
$211.22 x
$144.33 x
$149.01 x
$153.65 x
$168.49 x

Other Sunset Maple Base Cabinets

42-45" Sunset Maple Blind Corner Base Cabinet With Shelf Model #GBBC42-45SM

The Cabinet itself is 36" but requires a minimum space of 6" away from the wall to make a total space of 42" but can expand up to 45" with a filler

$164.47 x
$404.88 x
$280.68 x

Other Sunset Maple Wall Cabinets

Sunset Maple RTA Pantries

$293.98 x
$394.15 x
$326.41 x
$437.54 x

Sunset Maple RTA Oven Units

$507.20 x
Sunset Maple Single Oven Unit 33"W x 96"H Model #GOU332496SM

Unit is composed of an 84" Oven Unit with a 12" Double Door Wall Cabinet

$561.05 x

Sunset Maple RTA Accessories

$15.99 x
$13.87 x
$20.35 x
$14.75 x
$15.77 x
$18.30 x
$38.24 x
$26.23 x
$37.46 x
$16.67 x
$35.91 x
$46.68 x
$46.62 x
$60.63 x
$53.66 x
$41.29 x
$68.59 x

Sunset Maple RTA End Panels

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #WB15DB
$69.04 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #WB18DB
$71.96 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$77.72 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$80.62 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


The Sunset Maple Series was introduced by popular demand for those who wanted a little darker and richer tones than our popular Ginger Maple series. Boasting the elegant arched door panel on the upper cabinetry to add height and interest to your kitchen workspace, Sunset Maple has an elegant Cherry wood finish that reminds you of antique, hand hewn custom cabinetry.

Although the Sunset Maple Series has the distinctive, warm Cherry finish, it is still quite versatile - slipping into many kitchen designs such as traditional, European, country, modern, urban and contemporary. The only kitchen style that doesn’t mix well with the Sunset Maple cabinets is rustic. Stainless and black appliances look best with the sleek finish of these kitchen cabinets. White appliances may be too much of a contrast to the finish and may take on a stark look.

Granite countertops, particularly those with rich brown or burgundy veining, bring out the rich finish of the Sunset Maple Series. Sleek stainless steel countertops offer a sophisticated urban or loft design for a contemporary look. Tile countertops can work well, and if you can handle it, black tile is a modern, bold look. If upscale contemporary is your choice, a glass tiled mosaic backsplash is sleek and smooth enough to not overwhelm the cabinetry. With the choices in pre-designed mosaics available, it’s a DIY project that will pay off big dividends.

For a more traditional kitchen design, the Sunset Maple Series is oh-so elegant, but remember, elegance does not have to mean formality. Think of a 19th Century Vermont farmhouse, and use that as your kitchen design inspiration. Try the following to get the look:

• Area rugs warm up the kitchen space. While it may not be the best place for an heirloom Persian rug, try a semi-antique Oriental rug, one that is less than 50 years old and more affordable.

• Farmhouse furniture doesn’t have to be rustic - try a kitchen island that can double as an eating area and workspace. We love the distressed black finish and either a granite top or butcher block top.
• Bronze finishes for faucets and hardware add an aged element to a renovated kitchen. Look for a gooseneck faucet to contrast with the straight lines of cabinetry and appliances.
• Windsor chairs have round, hooped backs with curvy spindles that add some much needed curves to the straight lines of the typical kitchen.

The arched upper cabinetry doors and rich Cherry finish of the Sunset Maple Collection showcase this cabinet’s quality, custom designed look. Speaking of quality, there are no particle board pieces in the Sunset Maple Series, or any RTA kitchen cabinet for that matter. Our door stiles, rails and face frames are of solid, hardwood Maple while the sides are made of plywood. Each drawer box is 1/2" and back and sides of the drawer are stained to match the color of the cabinets A screwdriver is all it takes to assemble our cabinets, and each cabinet is shipped in its own box for safe shipping and arrival.

The Sunset Maple Collection of cabinetry is an excellent investment for your kitchen construction, update, remodel or renovation.

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