Marquis Cinnamon Cabinets

The Marquis Collection features one of our most distinctive finishes. Its cinnamon color makes it stand out from all other RTA cabinets. Coupled with the mitered doors and rope moulding accents, these Marquis Cinnamon RTA cabinets make a statement that can only be described as beautiful. Don't forget to pick up the matching Marquis Cinnamon Bathroom Vanity.


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Just wanted to say that most of the time if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Not the case with your cabinets. The ordering process was so easy - and FAST! We ordered late Saturday and I received an e-mail the following Friday saying they were ready for pick up. We've begun to assemble them and I am so impressed with the quality and the ease of assembly. They are gorgeous and I can't believe the price! Thank you so much! Your team was very helpful.Melissa D.

Just wanted to let you know how beautiful my kitchen is now and it is all because of you. The prices were great and the quality is unmatched. The prices were half of those at home depot who we used to measure our kitchen first. With that blueprint I was able to order just what I needed. You guys are the best. Included are some photos of the completed project. We will definitely order them again and have recommended you to all of our friends.Ronald W.

I have to say I am so happy with the cabinets. WE used the Marquis Cinnamon.They were beautiful and easy to put together (after the first one). delivery was as promised and again, just can't say how much I LOVE the cabinets. Have been getting a lot of rave reviews and posted on facebook with a link to your site. Thanks.Mary Ann W.

They look more expensive than they are. - Everyone who sees them always loves them. - We do rental units and it's like the 4th or 5th time we've used it, and it has a good look. - They really create a nice impression. - They're not typically what you would see in rental units. Not this kind. So people are always surprised by how nice they look and how much money they think we spent.Rick B.

Viewing Tip: To see a close up of each Marquis Cinnamon RTA cabinet along with a closeup of a sample Marquis Cinnamon door, click on the description of the individual items on the order pages.

  • Door stiles and rails as well as the face frames are made from solid Maple
  • Solid PRE-FINISHED plywood sides
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • Raised panel doors with mitered corners and rope moulding accents
  • Each cabinet piece is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed to complete the assembly
  • Marquis Cinnamon finish
  • Concealed under mount drawer slides - self closing but NOT soft closing
  • Concealed European hinges
  • Dovetailed Drawer boxes with 1/2" all wood sides and back stained to match the color of the cabinets
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Marquis Cinnamon Single Door Wall Cabinets

Marquis Cinnamon Double Door Wall Cabinets

$122.08 x
$75.06 x
$134.31 x
$93.74 x
$82.52 x
$89.43 x
$108.08 x
$96.73 x
$113.97 x
$97.00 x
$93.01 x
$143.07 x
$141.17 x
$153.45 x
$163.98 x
$125.87 x
$138.12 x
$139.37 x
$149.12 x
$158.88 x
$163.10 x
$163.64 x
$179.56 x
$181.16 x
$193.84 x
$206.52 x
$212.05 x

Marquis Cinnamon Single Door Base Cabinets

Marquis Cinnamon Double Door Base Cabinets

Marquis Cinnamon Three Drawer Base RTA Cabinets

Marquis Cinnamon Sink Base Cabinets

$60.34 x
36" Corner Sink Face Floor Model #CSFFLOORNM
$21.44 x
$243.11 x
$174.21 x
$179.85 x
$185.47 x
$203.35 x

Marquis Cinnamon Horizontal RTA Wall Cabinets

Other Marquis Cinnamon Wall RTA Cabinets

Other Marquis Cinnamon Base RTA Cabinets

$338.81 x
$451.64 x
42-45" Marquis Cinnamon Blind Corner Base Cabinet With Shelf Model #GBBC42-45CMC

The Cabinet itself is 36" but requires a minimum space of 6" away from the wall to make a total space of 42" but can expand up to 45" with a filler

$195.35 x

Marquis Cinnamon RTA Pantry

$354.86 x
$393.99 x
$475.78 x
$528.13 x

Marquis Cinnamon RTA Oven Units

$572.71 x
Marquis Cinnamon Single Oven Unit 33"W x 96"H Model #GOU332496CMC

Unit is composed of an 84" Oven Unit with a 12" Double Door Wall Cabinet

$658.89 x

Marquis Cinnamon RTA Accessories

Marquis Cinnamon RTA End Panels

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #AX4WBD12
$50.93 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #AX4WBD15
$59.16 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$77.72 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$80.62 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


The Marquis Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinet Collection enters the kitchen in grand style. With one of our most distinctive finishes, rope molding and mitered doors, the Marquis Cinnamon Collection is perfect for traditional, contemporary and transitional kitchen designs. The unique coloring of the finish (we liken it more to the color of cinnamon sugar rather than straight cinnamon), makes it a standout in kitchen design.

Both granite and engineered countertops pick up the Cherry cinnamon hue of the Marquis Cinnamon finish quite nicely, and for a look of distinction, marble countertops, accents or flooring are quite grand - particularly the lighter colors of marble with subtle veining. As for color palettes to complement the Marquis Cinnamon Collection, with the rich look of these cabinets, they need rich colors to go bold with the look, or for a more understated and muted elegance, try a rich, warm neutral palette.

For a sophisticated kitchen design to complement the Marquis Cinnamon Collection, try to incorporate elements in the kitchen that give the feel of a comfortable living room, such as:

• A comfortable pair of armchairs to take the place of kitchen chairs in an eat-in kitchen;
• A round, antique table to add character to the room, as well as some much needed curves;
• Upgraded window dressings that pick up the warm finish of the Marquis Cinnamon Collection;
• An oriental area rug to add an unexpected texture and dimension to the room;
• An antique pair of prints - framed under glass to protect the artwork from the heavily used kitchen area - to add a taste of sophistication;
• A boldly patterned canister set;
• Vintage or antique plates to display on the walls in place of artwork.

As for flooring, we love the look of tile, stone or wood with the Marquis Cinnamon collection. A porcelain glazed tile with a rich tone that mimics slate is one of our favorites. Because of the distinctive finish of these kitchen cabinets, a lighter wood flooring, such as an environmentally-friendly bamboo wood floor, would allow the cabinets to still stand out rather than overpowering their distinctive finish.

The raised rope moulding in the Marquis Cinnamon collection is just one of the details that show off this cabinet’s quality, custom designed look. Speaking of quality, there are no particle board pieces in the Marquis Cinnamon collection, or any RTA kitchen cabinet for that matter. Our door stiles, rails and face frames are of solid, hardwood Maple while the sides are made of plywood. Each drawer box is dovetailed and back and sides of the drawer are stained to match the color of the cabinets A screwdriver is all it takes to assemble our cabinets, and each cabinet is shipped in its own box for safe arrival.

The Marquis Cinnamon collection is one of our more stand-out kitchen cabinet collections. The detailed rope moulding, mitered corners and distinctive finish allow it to adapt to several kitchen styles, but you can bet that this handsome cabinetry will never fade into the woodwork of your kitchen d├ęcor!

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