Ginger Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Ginger Maple is the finish on this RTA cabinet line, giving it a color that fits in almost any home. This Ginger Maple collection's Roman Arch upper cabinet doors add a unique look, giving your kitchen a softer feel.


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Viewing Tip: To see a close up of each Ginger Maple RTA cabinet along with a closeup of a sample Ginger Maple door, click on the description of the individual items on the order pages.

  • Doors and face frames are made from solid Maple
  • Solid PRE-FINISHED plywood sides
  • No Particle Board is used anywhere in their construction
  • Raised panel doors with four molded sides
  • Each cabinet piece is shipped complete in the box, ready to assemble
  • Only a screw driver is needed to complete the assembly
  • Ginger Maple finish
  • Euro Epoxy drawer slides
  • Concealed European hinges
  • Drawer boxes with 1/2" all wood sides and back stained to match the color of the cabinets
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Ginger Maple Wall RTA Cabinets

Ginger Maple Wall RTA Cabinets

$89.73 x
$88.66 x
$92.81 x
$116.30 x
$126.91 x
$59.37 x
$67.17 x
$65.24 x
$70.72 x
$76.50 x
$76.71 x
$73.54 x
$113.14 x
$129.65 x
$99.54 x
$109.20 x
$110.20 x
$117.93 x
$125.63 x
$128.97 x
$129.40 x
$141.98 x
$143.25 x
$153.27 x
$163.28 x
$167.66 x

Ginger Maple Base RTA Cabinets

Ginger Maple Double Door Base RTA Cabinets

Three Drawer Base RTA Cabinets

Ginger Maple Sink Cabinets

$48.83 x
36" Corner Sink Face Floor Model #CSFFLOORNM
$21.44 x
$137.77 x
$142.22 x
$146.64 x
$160.79 x
$201.61 x

Other Ginger Maple Wall RTA Cabinets

Other Base RTA Cabinets

42-45" Ginger Maple Blind Corner Base Cabinet With Shelf Model #GBBC42-45GM

The Cabinet itself is 36" but requires a minimum space of 6" away from the wall to make a total space of 42" but can expand up to 45" with a filler

$157.00 x
$350.68 x
$267.89 x

Ginger Maple RTA Pantries

$417.60 x
$311.54 x
$376.20 x
$280.59 x

Ginger Maple RTA Oven Units

$484.07 x
Ginger Maple Single Oven Unit 33"W x 96"H Model #GOU332496GM

Unit is composed of an 84" Oven Unit with a 12" Double Door Wall Cabinet

$535.50 x

Ginger Maple RTA End Panels

Ginger Maple RTA Accessories

$16.47 x
$15.82 x
$19.77 x
$15.27 x
$15.13 x
$19.21 x
$35.40 x
$24.98 x
$35.68 x
$15.88 x
$35.40 x
$47.28 x
$47.49 x
$62.66 x
$42.67 x
$55.44 x
$59.70 x

Roll Out Trays

Rollout Tray 15" Model #AX4WBD12
$50.93 x
Rollout Tray 18" Model #AX4WBD15
$59.16 x
Rollout Tray 21" Model #WB21DB
$74.80 x
Rollout Tray 24" Model #WB24DB
$77.72 x
Rollout Tray 27" Model #WB27DB
$80.62 x
Rollout Tray 30" Model #WB30DB
$83.50 x
Rollout Tray 36" Model #WB36DB
$89.30 x


The Ginger Maple Series is our latest introduction in kitchen cabinets. They not only have subdued warm tones to the finish, but the upper cabinets have a Roman arch door to add a touch of elegance and a sense of height to your kitchen’s workspace. The solid hardwood Maple door and face frames ensure that your cabinets will grace your kitchen design for years to come.

The Ginger Maple cabinet collection is sleek enough for modern and contemporary kitchens, as well as the urban loft kitchen, yet warm enough for traditional and transitional kitchen designs. They slip right into many kitchen color palettes, yet our favorites are subdued warm reds and greens to set off the distinctive finish.

Granite countertops with veining of deep reds and browns highlight the Ginger Maple cabinets. For a more professional look, consider a deep, dark brown or even black countertop against a stainless steel sink or appliances.

The backsplash is an excellent opportunity to spice up the Ginger Maple Series. Multi-color mosaics and metallic tiles are just two of the bolder looks that complement these cabinets. For a more casual elegance, consider neutral glass tiles to bring a contemporary twist to the mix. Black and stainless appliances work wonders in completing the look. If you plan on using white appliances, consider a warmer wall color or backsplash to make the kitchen look less sterile and more inviting.

For a custom designed look on a DIY budget, consider these design tips to tie in the Ginger Maple Series to your design:

• A distinctive range hood, particularly glass or stainless steel, can take the contemporary look to a new level in the kitchen.
• Add layers of lighting - consider uplighting on top of the cabinetry along with under-the-cabinet lighting for a truly professional look.
• Patterns in small doses bring comfort and familiarity to kitchen design; but don’t overwhelm the senses - a subdued checkerboard pattern using complementary rather than contrasting colors looks spectacular with the Ginger Maple Collection.

As for kitchen floors that complement the Ginger Maple Collection, a darker finish to a hardwood floor is an excellent complement to the cabinetry. We tend to like the look of larger tiles for flooring with this collection, rather than using contrasting tiles, such as black and white, consider a more muted look using a creamy white and buttery yellow mix of tiles.

Let the quality of the Ginger Maple Collection stand on its own merit. There are no particle board pieces in these cabinets.. In addition, the raised panel door has four molded sides with concealed European hinges. The Euro-epoxy drawer slides makes opening and closing drawers smooth sailing, and the drawer boxes themselves are of ½ inch all wood. The sides and back and are stained to match the color of the cabinets.

The Ginger Maple kitchen cabinets have the detail and quality to add a timeless elegance to your kitchen. With nearly 20% of your home’s value based on your kitchen, the Ginger Maple Collection will be a worthy investment.

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